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Barth’s “Rules for Older People in Relation to Younger”

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I, for one, know quite a few parents and teachers that would quibble with much of this advice, but the tendency to meddle probably leads to these quibbles...I need to give all of this some thought...

Rev. Peter Carey

Barth’s “Rules for Older People in Relation to Younger”

A Late Friendship: The Letters of Karl Barth and Carl Zuckmayer (Translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley; Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1982), 45.

  1. Realize that younger people of both sexes, whether relatives or close in other ways, have a right to go their own ways according to their own (and not your) principles, ideas, and desires, to gain their own experiences, and to find happiness in their own (and not your) fashion.

  2. Do not force upon them, then, your own example or wisdom or inclinations or favors.

  3. Do not bind them in any way to yourself or put them under any obligation.

  4. Do not be surprised or annoyed or upset if you necessarily find that they have no time, or little time, for you, that no matter how well-intentioned you may be toward them, or sure of your cause, you sometimes inconvenience and bore them, and they casually ignore you and your counsel.

  5. When they act in this way, remember penitently that in your own youth you, too, perhaps (or probably) acted in the same way toward the older authorities of the time.

  6. Be grateful for every proof of genuine notice and serious confidence they show you, but do not expect or demand such proofs.

  7. Never in any circumstances give them up, but even as you let them go their own way, go with them in a relaxed and cheerful manner, trusting that God will do what is best for them, and always supporting and praying for them.

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