23 April 2008

Father Matthew Presents: The Archives!

Father Matthew Presents: The Archives!

Very interesting...Father Matthew's church used to have its services televised on NBC in the 1950s!

You've to check it out!

(Stay tuned, I have a new one coming soon...!)

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spankey said...

have you seen Father Matthew's 21st Century Beatitudes?

They are in the most recent Trinity News from Trinity Wall Street, I stole them from http://www.trinitywallstreet.org/welcome/?article&id=953

Twenty-first Century Beatitudes

The Beatitudes sting me every time I hear them. What are the ramifications of Jesus’ poetic words in our day?

Blessed are you who have no second chances;
Blessed are you who have no health care for your families;
Blessed are you who cannot move away from the gangs and their stray bullets;
For yours is the kingdom of God.

Blessed are you who beg for their daily bread;
Blessed are you who have eaten out of the trash;
Blessed are you who eat junk food as the affordable option;
For you will be filled.

Blessed are you who lost your partner to cancer;
Blessed are you who lost your child in battle;
Blessed are you whose world was taken by a storm;
For you will find joy.

Blessed are you who fade away in prison;
Blessed are you who were kicked out of your home;
Blessed are you who weren’t invited;
For that is what your ancestors did to the prophets.

The Rev. Matthew Moretz is curate at Christ’s Church, Rye, NY, and creator of the YouTube series Father Matthew Presents.